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Designer Bags with the Highest Resale Value 2023

Designer Bags with the Highest Resale Value 2023

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"From age-old classics to new wave novelties, here are the bags that retain the highest resale values, according to experts at The RealReal."

1. Gucci Attaché

Reminiscent of styles popular in the 1970s, Gucci’s curved bag falls into a category of silhouettes that is reportedly on the rise. “Crescent and half-moon shaped bags have been and are certainly still trending,” McSweeney shares. “Looking at the second half of 2021 versus the same 2022 time period, we saw a 67% uptick in demand for the shape. We’re seeing strong demand for Gucci’s re-issued Attaché.” 

2. Bottega Veneta Sardine

Proclaimed an “It bag” by Vogue just last fall, the Sardine handbag floated down the runway of designer Matthieu Blazy’s fall/winter 2022 runway show for Bottega. It’s already a favorite for Chloë Sevigny and Kendall Jenner, and according to the numbers, it doesn’t look like this bag is going anywhere. 

3. Saint Laurent Le 5 À 7 Hobo

Another curved icon, this Saint Laurent classic is inspired by the 1962 French New Wave film, Cléo from 5 to 7. Famous for its representation of ‘60s Parisian fashion, the film’s influence can be seen in this bag’s clean lines, classic clasp, and under-the-shoulder fit. It comes in several limited-edition variations, including python and calfskin, making it a true collectible. 

4. Hermès Kelly 28

If there was ever a shoo-in for the best investment handbag list, it’s the Hermès Kelly 28. Originally designed in the 1930s by Robert Dumas, the son-in-law of the fashion house’s former president Émile Hermès, the Kelly is the most original Hermès bag (yes, it even came before the Birkin). 

5. Prada Tessuto Re-Edition 2005 Shoulder Bag

One scroll through Instagram or walk through New York’s Lower East Side will confirm that Prada’s revived 2005 shoulder bag has had a moment over the last few years—and according to The RealReal, she’s here to stay. Honoring the original silhouettes of the aughts, the Tessuto has been reimagined in crystal-adorned, leather, and satin versions. 

6. Louis Vuitton Neverfull 

Making a comeback of its own, Louis Vuitton’s most iconic tote was recently praised by Vogue writer Liana Satenstein as a perfect executive tote. In her words, “The standard investment piece has an air of killer executive realness. It means business.” 

7. Chanel Classic Mini Flap Bag 

Originally designed in 1955 by Gabrielle Chanel, the Classic Mini Flap Bag is the epitome of an accessory that has stood the test of time. In fact, according to The RealReal, it still flies like hotcakes. “The iconic Flap Bag is a consistent best-seller,” shares McSweeney. In the past decade alone, this bag’s value has increased by 100%. 

8. Luar Ana Bag

A newer accessory on the scene, Luar’s Ana Bag is inspired by ’80s and ’90s briefcases and made its mark in the fashion world when it appeared on the runway last fall. “Though their new ‘it-bag,’ the Ana, is officially launching in Spring 2023, we’ve already seen they are in high demand on The RealReal,” McSweeney shares. “We’ve had 100’s of obsessions on the handful of units we’ve received.” 

9. Coperni Swipe Bag 

A modern icon, Coperni’s Swipe Bag has been spotted on Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, and Kylie Jenner, to name a few influential dressers. After being introduced in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the bag has taken off and been reimaged into new colorways and sizes. After maintaining its popularity over the last four years, this bag has secured its place as a true investment piece. 

10. Jacquemus Chiquito Bag

A crowd favorite, Jacquemus’ signature handbag has undoubtedly made waves in the fashion world. Since launching in 2018, it has made runway cameos in nearly all of Jacquemus’ shows and is carried by Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and more stylish icons. According to the team at The RealReal, this mini bag is only becoming more valuable with time. 

11. Miu Miu Wander Mini Matelasse Nappa Bag

Another mini bag on the rise is Miu Miu’s Matelasse bag. “We’re seeing strong demand for mini bags,” McSweeney says. “If we look at Miu Miu, for example, demand for mini bags is up nearly 3x, comparing Q4 of 2022 to Q4 2021. The Miu Miu Wander Mini Matelasse Nappa Bag has been a particularly popular style.”

12. Prada Re-Edition 1995 Tote 

According to The RealReal, our return to the office has also made a significant impact on bag trends — and Prada’s 1995 tote is no exception. “We’ve been seeing strong demand for ‘Back to Business’ styles, exemplified by totes trending. Looking at the second half of 2021 compared to the same 2022 time period, we’re seeing demand for totes is up 30%.” Prada’s iteration is a specific bag that The Real Real team has seen soared in demand. 

13. The Row 90’s Bag in Leather

“We’ve been seeing an uptick in demand for cylinder-shaped bags like this one from The Row,” The RealReal shares. “The search for cylinder bags is up 35% in the second half of 2022 compared to the first half.” According to their team, The Row’s 90’s Bag is a hard one to find, but a valuable treasure to hold onto. 

14. Polène Numero 10

A newer brand with strong investment potential, Polène launched its equestrian-inspired bag less than two years ago. Already, it’s become one of high demand. “Polène is certainly a brand we’re keeping an eye on at The RealReal,” McSweeney tells me. “New styles, like the Number 10 crossbody, have seen incredible demand as of late.”

15. Brandon Blackwood Kendrick Trunk

American fashion designer Brandon Blackwood is best known for his beloved bags, which have been worn by Jessica Alba, Winnie Harlow, and members of the Kardashian clan. While a newer design, the Kendrick Trunk, a mini shoulder bag that comes in a variety of joy-inducing colors, is a popular piece in the resale market.

16. Fauré Le Page Tote

Fauré Le Page is perhaps less broadly known compared to Goyard and Moynat; however, we’re still seeing strong demand,” McSweeney says of the 2009-founded French fashion house. “Totes from the brand, for example, sell for an average of  88% of the manufacturer's suggested retail price.” 

17. Mach & Mach Mini Samantha Bag

Founded in 2012, Mach & Mach is famous for its glittering bows and feminine take on accessories. Since releasing its Mini Samantha Bag, the brand has taken off as a player with true resale value potential. “A brand better known for their best-selling shoes, (Mach & Mach) also has an incredibly sought after handbag collection,” The RealReal shares. “Their Mini Samantha Bag is selling up to 80% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on The RealReal.” 

18. Telfar Shopping Bag

According to The RealReal, a standout bag that has made a swift but steady rise in resale value over the last five years is the Telfar Shopping Bag—a handbag that is almost always sold out. McSweeney shares that the notoriously hard-to-find bag is a perfect example of a limited quantity, collectible piece that retains (and even increases in) value in secondhand markets. 

19. Fendi Baguette

Last, but certainly not least, is the highly sought-after Fendi Baguette. Whether adorned with purple paillettes or woven with the classic FF jacquard fabric, Carrie’s go-to handbag’s value has grown significantly since its 1997 launch. Its original price ranged from $1,000-$1,500, and Baguettes today range between $2,950-$3,750. According to The RealReal, the search rate for this treasure only continues to grow.