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FREE shipping on all orders $500+ within Canada & US
FREE shipping on all orders $500+ within Canada & US


Thank you for shopping with us!

The secondhand market is set to hit $64B in the next five years. With resale expected to overtake the traditional thrift and donation segment by 2024, begs the question if secondhand shopping is becoming gentrified.

The short answer, yes.

With a surplus of clothing, supply is not the issue but more so the pricing of. How can one item be $5 at a local thrift shop and $50 on our website?

Below, we've outlined details of how our business works so that you can feel good about your purchase. Click on a heading to discover our process.

Our pricing is based on three pillars:

  1. Accessibility - Many of our pieces are not easy to find or are designed generations ago that are not made today.
  2. Quality - We strive to curate items made of quality materials.
  3. Design - We look for unique and timeless pieces you will wear for a lifetime.

It's no surprise that apparel markups are above the standard retail markup. While you are spending below retail value with secondhand goods, you pay a premium by purchasing from a small business like us.

This markup is designed based on our three pillars above, and sourcing below. As a curated business, we spend dedicated hours to discover unique piece that you will love. In a sense, we have become your personal shopper. When you purchase an item, it covers the cost of our time to research, photograph for sale, display, and our time to package and / or ship to you.

We want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. When possible, all product listings will describe where the item has been manufactured. If it does not, it is due to the item not having a label upon sourcing.

Where do we receive our clothing from? All items are consigned by the public, to curb throwaway culture. If you're interested in consigning with us, please click here

Online shopping is no stranger to unsustainable practices. We are doing all that we can do ensure your package arrives with a low impact.

  • Kraft Mailers - Recyclable and biodegradable, made from 100% recycled materials (97% post consumer waste).
  • Tissue Paper - Recyclable and compostable, made from 100% recycled materials (20% post consumer waste) and FCS Certified (Forest Stewardship Council).
  • Recycled Packaging - Many of our shipping materials are donated by the public. In order to curb shipping waste, we encourage you to bring your reusable boxes and stuffing to us to be reused for future orders.  

It's a part of our mission to offer sizes for different body types and sizes. If you are not able to locate your size, it is simply because we did not find one that met our requirements during the buying process. Secondhand clothing is not always available in multiple sizes, so we only source what we can find. We are always on the hunt, so check back!

If you have any questions around our transparency, please start the conversation at