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IWD: A celebration of female leaders in Vancouver [VIDEO]

IWD: A celebration of female leaders in Vancouver [VIDEO]

This International Women's Day, we're celebrating nine extraordinary Vancouver-based women who share their unique perspectives about what it means for them to be a woman. 

Over the last 13 years of entrepreneurship, I've met some of the most inspiring women in my life. From fashion to business and everything in between, the women in our community are creating ideas and spaces that allow us to evolve and connect. I couldn't be more honoured to be a part of this community!

Women account for 59% of self-employed workers who are multiple job holders, while 6.3% of women make up the total number of women in Canada who are full-time self-employed. As self-employed women, it’s crucial that we amplify others in our communities who face the same accomplishments and challenges. I’m proud to spearhead a platform, through fashion, where we can learn about individuals around us and champion what it is that they do.

In collaboration with Capital G Media, led by female Founder & Director Ghazal Elhaei, MUSE features the beauty and resilience of womanhood. These women inspire us to embrace our femininity and make a positive impact on our communities, because together, they demonstrate that when women are empowered, they can reach heights previously thought unimaginable. 

Words from Ghazal Elhaei: Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of working alongside women who are smart, innovative, talented, and strong and who have allowed the power in their femininity to lead the way in which they live their lives. It is essential to display women on screen as heroes of their own stories. I strive to amplify the voices of women of all ages and backgrounds and provide them with the same wisdom, opportunities, and strength that the women before me, and the women currently in my life, provide.” 

Meet the Women:

Thank you to the wonderful team at Capital G Media for bringing this project to life. 

Ghazal Elhaei Randa Salloum Catherine Haorei

Written and Directed by:
Ghazal Elhaei

Cinematography by:
James Clark

Edited by:
Shutter Thunder

Sound by:
Scott Thompson

Hair and Make-Up:
Marrol Grabowski

Wardrobe & Styling Provided By:
Collective Will


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