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STYLE MUSE | Jennilee Marigomen, Photographer

STYLE MUSE | Jennilee Marigomen, Photographer

Wearing the Oversized Blazer

The many style mediums our Creators choose can impact us as a society. A significant source of inspiration for many is photography. It brings me the most joy to introduce you to this week's Style Muse, Jennilee Marigomen, Design & Lifestyle Photographer.

Jennilee is a Canadian photographer whose work investigates everyday phenomena. In 2015, she was selected as one of Photo District News' prestigious 30 New and Emerging Photographers To Watch. In 2010, she was the recipient of The Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward Emerging Photographer Award.

Jennilee finds a way to express emotional energy through her photography, almost like you're in the room.

Jennilee and I met in 2008 on a project trip to Portland. I was a Stylist Assistant on one of her shoots and remember being immediately inspired by Jennilee's style.

Jennilee is someone who naturally flows between accessible and Slow Fashion. Read on below for her thoughts on why she chooses secondhand.

Wearing the Saint Laurent Cotton-Mesh Shirt

Q: How does someone showcase their personality through fashion while staying sustainable?

"I try to support and work with independent brands that I love, so they can continue to inspire me and others."

Q: Why do you choose secondhand?

"I buy vintage because I love finding unique and interesting pieces. In terms of independent and higher-end designers, buying secondhand gives access to archival pieces and designers out of my budget."

Q: What is your most coveted secondhand piece?

"A 1990's era quilted oversized Comme des Garçons Homme blazer. I bought it from a Japanese resale shop."

Q: Where do you see the fashion industry heading?

"The growth of the secondhand market and more inclusive sizing."

Q: What fashion lessons do you want to leave for future generations?

"Buy fewer better things."

Wearing the Samara Crossbody Bag and Vintage High Glove Heels

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