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FREE shipping on all orders $500+ within Canada & US


This month's Style Muse is a familiar face for us. It's my pleasure to introduce you to Melissa Araujo, Designer of M-A.
Brazillian-born, Melissa moved to Canada to pursue her education and career in design. Her passions in fashion and design extend to the care and protection of the environment, focusing on slow and ethical work practices while empowering women in the modern world.
Melissa and I met over a decade ago through fashion. If her designs and personal minimal aesthetic don't pull you in, her zest for life will.
Each M-A piece of clothing and jewelry is made and designed with integrity and humanity in Vancouver, Canada.
Melissa guarantees quality and longevity by using superior fabrics and close attention to detail. Read below to explore Melissa's relationship with fashion and where he sees the industry heading.


Q: How do you incorporate sustainability into your design?

"Sustainability starts with design. I design trans-seasonal pieces that are timeless and made with high-quality & recycled materials. I produce all styles in Canada in small batches & some styles are made using low-waste techniques."

Q: Why do you choose secondhand?

"Shopping secondhand can be a compliment to your shopping experience. It reduces waste, prolongs each garment's lifecycle and is usually something unique only you will have in your area. You can wear it as is, remake it into something else or repair it so it can be reused."

Q: Where do you see the fashion industry heading?

"This industry moves fast. As a collective - consumers & makers we must slow down and make sustainability a real priority. I can't say where I see the industry moving, but we need to apply new structures, processes & laws to reduce the environmental harm we are inflicting on the planet & those making the pieces."

Q: What fashion lessons do you want to leave for future generations?

"Support & shop small independent businesses over larger ones. Slow down, and don’t follow all the fashion trends while choosing quality over quantity. You can have fun with your style while being conscious about your impact on the planet."


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