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STYLE MUSE | Sharla Farrell, Lifestyle Publicist

STYLE MUSE | Sharla Farrell, Lifestyle Publicist


With our Creators at the helm for what's happening around us, it only feels right that we get to know them. It's my pleasure to introduce one of our city's Publicists who is paving way for POC in business, Sharla Farrell of Easy Consulting Studio.

Toronto born and raised, Sharla is using her experience in Marketing and PR to shine a light on businesses who are looking for a cultural reset.

 To know Sharla is to love her 90's / Y2K aesthetic. In fact, you may recognize Sharla as the face of Collective Will! Sharla has modeled for the brand since day one, and is a true inspiration when it comes to shopping secondhand.

When she isn't thrifting, you can find Sharla concentrating on her clients in the lifestyle industry. I sat down with Sharla to get some insight on how she's using PR to navigate our current world and her relationship with secondhand.

Q: How do you combat sustainability fatigue via PR?

"At Easy we do our best to meaningfully partner with brands who support the earth in their core values. When a company connects with us about their a sustainability journey we need to make sure it's not an immoral, greenwashing tactic before taking them on. We've been talking about the climate crisis for so long and it can feel like we're yelling into a deep, dark void. I think combating the fatigue is really about championing doing the best we can do. It's key to live in a way that promotes sustainability but it's also great to keep things in perspective when it comes down to how we speak or act about it."

Q: Why do you choose secondhand?

"I enjoy having unique pieces that match my sense of style, that no one will have. It's an environmentally-conscious choice that allows me to stand out."

Q: What is your most coveted secondhand piece?

"It's so hard to choose just one so I'll pick two! My Louis Vuitton Pochette bag and Fendi flared denim."

Q: Where do you see the fashion industry heading?

"I'm extremely excited to learn more about the fashion industry's mushroom movement and how fashion will begin to take a more ecological view. Mushrooms/ fungi are one of the planet's oldest lifeforms." 

Q: What fashion lessons do you want to leave for future generations?

"What is old will become new again. Curate your wardrobe mindfully and if you want to shop trendier pieces, think about buying them secondhand first. You won't regret it."

Stay tuned for more stories like Sharla's with the Creator Series.

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